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Coastal Restoration Services

Designed to Protect and Restore

Coastal areas are sensitive to many forms of erosion, pollution and contamination that can dramatically damage surrounding habitats. DLS offers comprehensive protection, remediation and consultative services to help protect and restore these sensitive ecosystems from unavoidable project impacts.

Traditional tools and equipment are not designed to operate in the challenging terrains common to the Gulf Coast region which can cause serious delays and cost overruns during your project. DLS has the specialized equipment needed to navigate these unique environments with minimal disruption and the utmost care, ensuring hazardous waste or chemicals will be cleaned up quickly and safely.

We can easily and safely move large volumes of earth, sand and other materials and install protective barriers in these landscapes to help prevent coastal erosion, restore a region for a wildlife refuge, rebuild after a serious natural disaster or even perform environmental remediation after your energy or construction project.

From complex, large-scale ecosystem restoration projects to coastal barrier islands and marsh creation projects, DLS can effectively manage, design and implement a wide variety of coastal and wetland restoration projects for private and public sector companies.

Experience Where You Need It, When you Need It

Strategically positioned throughout the United States, our reliable and experienced environmental remediation and restoration professionals can respond quickly to any emergency. Our cleanup specialists focus on fast and safe cleanup to minimize environmental impacts and service interruptions, allowing you to resume normal business operations while avoiding hefty fines and penalties and maintaining compliance with EPA regulations.

Our highly-trained technicians and operators understand the full picture of the energy industry and have experience working on coastal restoration projects, ensuring strict regulatory compliance to mitigate risk and liability for our clients. They specialize in quickly moving materials to restore, enhance and protect degraded areas with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and wildlife.

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Powered by Safety and Performance

You don’t have to sacrifice performance for safety. No matter the size or scope of a project, we strive to provide equipment and services that are not only safe but also friendly to the environment.

By leveraging more than 150 years of combined management experience and industry knowledge, we have the foundation to deliver comprehensive and turnkey solutions to service every facet of the energy industry. Our strong commitment to the ongoing training and certification of our employees and equipment operators ensures that, as a company, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and safety and provide our clients with consistent, quality services from start-to-finish.

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