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André C. Franques

Managing Partner

As a managing partner of both DLS, LLC. since 2012, and PWS since 2008, André has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of both companies worldwide. As the founder of Dynamic Cranes, LLC in 2001, and the innovative company Liquid Load Testing he founded in 2003, he has over 30 years experience and knowledge in produced water treatment equipment, rental cranes, industrial construction, rigging, supply and delivery of products worldwide, and water transportation. André is now taking his expertise into wind energy, carbon capture, green energy, LNG, CCA, and government and emergency response to further diversify his portfolio.

Lance Ortemond

Managing Partner

Alongside his partner André, Lance has played a crucial role in the development of DLS; especially in regards to its recent growth and expansion. Having worked in the field for his entire professional life (beginning in 1996), Lance founded DLS in 2003 from the ground up alongside his brother and father shortly after his graduation from UL with a business degree. After his brother and father’s passing, Lance took up the helm of leadership and has held every possible position at the company. He currently oversees daily operations including finance, insurance, day-to-day business and opportunities for further growth. He has a wife of 22 years, three daughters, and loves hunting and travel.

John F. Leblanc

Risk & Purchasing Manager

John Leblanc has spent all of his 14 years in the industry at DLS. Prior to that, he was in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector—even working as an FBI training instructor, which he cites as a career highlight. John is responsible for crucial day-to-day operations including reviewing invoices, issuing purchase orders, and checks for vendor payments. As a result, John’s work at DLS is one of the key factors in keeping the company’s operations running smoothly and profitably. John is a fervent outdoorsman: his hobbies include shooting, hunting, fishing, and cooking.

Misty Laviolette


Though she’s only been at DLS since 2018, Misty has been active in the field for thirty years, and her experience as a dual commission Louisiana notary and certified paralegal have made her an invaluable asset to DLS operations. Misty’s commitment to business ethics has earned her a great deal of trust and respect amongst her peers—two values she believes are among the most important an employee can possess. Misty oversees all accounting functions at DLS, making her a highly valuable member of the DLS team. Though her many responsibilities keep her busy, her seventh grader (one of two children), keeps her very busy as well. However—she still finds time to pursue her passions of volunteering and travel.

Wayne Hebert

Lead Estimator-Marine Division

Wayne Hebert is the Lead Estimator at DLS’ ever-growing and thriving marine division, and though he’s been a proud member of the DLS team for 17 years, his 3 years in his current role have been essential to the health and efficiency of marine operations. Under Wayne’s stewardship, the inland and heavy marine construction divisions alike have seen increased growth and efficiency. He is responsible for making estimates and aiding the rest of his team in whatever they need. Wayne and his wife have six granddaughters, and he enjoys being outdoors—fishing, hunting, gardening and training his dog. His passions are being a good father and husband along with his faith.

Carson Nunez

Offshore Crane Division Manager

A veteran of the energy sector, Carson has worked in the field for 35 years, and has been with DLS since 2013. As the manager of DLS’ vastly important offshore crane division, Carson is charged with overseeing every aspect of offshore crane rental. From the original estimates and planning to the execution of a rental crane project—no singular function of the division takes place without Carson’s direct involvement. Additionally, he is responsible for hiring and managing qualified operators and installers for such projects, which has a profound impact on the reputation of DLS for safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Carson was an integral part of the conception and refinement of the rental crane process, from self-lifting cranes to the design of larger, more practical ones. He has been married for 43 years with 4 children and 5 grandchildren and is a lover of kayaking, camping, and other outdoor pursuits.

Clint Broussard Sr.

Coordinating Manager – Offshore Constructions & Coatings

Though Clint Broussard Sr. may be a recent addition to the DLS team, he has 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Throughout the past 4 decades, Clint has consistently risen through the ranks of the industry—from helper to fitter to estimator to project manager for a fabrication company. After that, Clint worked as an inspector and oversaw million-dollar projects including the fabrication of offshore platforms, jackets, and pipelines. He even monitored a project for a multimillion cryogenic facility that processed over 600 million cubic feet of gas per day! At DLS, Clint has numerous important responsibilities including coordinating offshore construction crews, customer relations, quoting rates, and the day-to-day coordination of managers in multiple different divisions. Clint has been married for 36 years and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. He enjoys woodworking, skeet shooting and yard work.

Rocky Talbot

Fabrication Manager

Rocky Talbot joined the DLS team in 2017, and brings 44 years of construction experience to the company’s renowned construction divisions. With his educational background in drafting and design, Rocky worked his way up to Operations Manager and Dynamic Industries, where he managed approximately 400 employees. Since joining the DLS team, Rocky has successfully overseen many construction projects of varying sizes and scopes, all while being intimately involved in everything from estimating construction costs to man-managing all construction personnel and projects with an effective hands-on approach that benefits enormously from his decades of experience. When he’s not spearheading projects for major industry operators, Rocky enjoys golf, fishing, and spending time with his four grandchildren.

Joshua James Gibson

Marine Operations Manager

Manager of Marine Operations Joshua Gibson is a key figure in the operations of DLS’ substantial marine division—bringing his 20 plus years of hands-on industry experience to help maintain and grow the fleet of specialized barges, tugs, amphibious equipment, and other assets that have serviced countless major operators over the years. Since 2015, Joshua has been diligently overseeing the marine operations division, making critical decisions and leading DLS’ talented and experienced workforce, helping them to be the best they can be. As a leader and promoter of crafts as well as a proud Christian, Joshua is honored to support everyone around him “from the little man on up.”

Ashley Dinger

HSE Manager/Human Resources Manager

Since 2010, Ashley has been making DLS, LLC. more efficient, communicative and, most importantly; more safe. Her various qualifications (business degree, COSS, COSM, SHRM) as well as her 20-year long career has informed her vital role as HSE and Human Resources Manager. Despite her wide array of responsibilities, Ashley started at DLS, LLC. in a less critical position and worked her way up, witnessing the company’s growth from 35 employees to roughly 7 times that, proudly playing a role in that sustained growth. Ashley’s day-to-day duties are myriad: as the manager responsible for all compliance and safety, all aspects of Human Resources compliance, as well as assisting the owners in personnel management, Ashley often has her plate full but handles it gracefully. Furthermore, she acts as a liaison between the owners, management and personnel, assists the sales team, with marketing, and oversees all training and compliance. All of her hard work ensures that DLS operates safely and successfully. On a personal note, she is a proud boy mom, chasing her youngest around ballparks, fields and courts. Her leadership skills transfer into her personal life, as she often takes the lead in her family despite being the youngest of her siblings. She’s a devout christian who never forgets to cherish and appreciate the people in her life.