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Offshore Platform Decommissioning

DLS provides Decommissioning of Offshore Oil Facilities and Offshore Platforms from partial project management to full-service total field decommissioning in the Gulf Coast area. Our tested and proven approach gives our operators peace of mind knowing that from permitting and planning to site clearance and test trawling that their project’s safety and financial investments have been managed professionally with their position in mind.

Our asset portfolio has one of the largest fleets of marine towing and construction vessels. We can easily match the talent and equipment needs of our operators.

Decommissioning of Offshore Facilities in the Gulf Coast

DLS is leading the Gulf’s decommissioning of operators’ offshore platforms. Our team can help support your project by providing a turn-key solution to the full field decommissioning or assist in the completion of individual phases of offshore decommissioning.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

DLS is extremely knowledgeable in the regulatory framework needed to ensure that your decommissioning of the offshore asset complies with all regulations. Our engineering team will provide you with a detailed Decommissioning Execution Plan that will walk you through all of the activities and environmental information and site surveys.

Platform Preparation

To prepare the offshore platform for decommissioning, DLS will ensure that all of the platform preparation follows all regulatory guidelines and protocols including; process equipment has been flushed, cleaned, and disposed of properly, removal of cables and pipes, and underwater jacket facilities have been prepared for removal.

Well Plugging and Abandonment

One of the major cost considerations in decommissioning offshore assets, DLS collets data and preliminary inspections to provide the guidance you can trust for the selection of abandonment methods to best fit the project and BOEMRE’s approval process. Our Abandonment team will ensure that all safety regulations are followed throughout the process all the way to pressure testing and integrity verification.

Conductor Removal

Complying with BOEMRE’s regulations and approved by our Regional Supervisor, conductor casing will be removed by severing, pulling or sections, or offloading depending on the environmental considerations and properly disposed of.

Platform Removal – Mobilization or Demobilization

Depending on the size of the offshore platform, we have the experienced talent and equipment to support the removal of both the topside and jacket of the structure safely.

Site Clearance and Verification

DLS pre and post-decommissioning surveys, underwater inspections, and test trawling services will ensure that the platform decommissioning is in compliance with all rules and regulations.

DLS Decommissioning

At DLS, our approach focuses on safety for our environment and stakeholders by utilizing our stringent protocols. Operators count on us to deliver a seamless process for full-cycle decommissioning solutions to clear them of liability of the offshore asset. Let’s begin the assessment of your decommissioning needs together.

Powered by Safety and Performance

You don’t have to sacrifice performance for safety. No matter the size or scope of a project, we strive to provide equipment and services that are not only safe but also friendly to the environment.

By leveraging more than 150 years of combined management experience and industry knowledge, we have the foundation to deliver comprehensive and turnkey solutions to service every facet of the energy industry. Our strong commitment to the ongoing training and certification of our employees and equipment operators ensures that, as a company, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and safety and provide our clients with consistent, quality services from start-to-finish.

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