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Offshore Rental Cranes

Cranes for Any Weather Condition

With more than 28 rental cranes in service worldwide, DLS’ built-for-purpose rental fleet helps clients work safely and effectively to meet their operational goals. We offer a powerful, portable fleet of cranes designed to assist in lifting heavy materials and equipment onto drilling platforms and rigs, as well as moving raw materials for construction projects.

DLS has a wide range of offshore cranes designed and engineered to operate in the most severe weather conditions for every type of operation onboard offshore vessels, drillships, FSU’s, FSO’s, FPSO’s and different types of rigs and platforms. Our offshore rental cranes can be adapted to meet customer requirements and can be delivered in various configurations to meet applicable standards.

Strategically Located and Highly Trained

DLS is committed to delivering safe and reliable lifting operations within closely managed budgets. As such, all DLS crane operators are compliant with DIS and ISNetworld and are qualified and experienced in hydraulic and friction operating, as well as service and maintenance work.

Our offshore crane operators and mechanics are supported by highly trained teams of field engineers, technicians and inspectors strategically positioned across the United States to be mobilized on short notice for maximum operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Powered by Safety and Performance

You don’t have to sacrifice performance for safety. No matter the size or scope of a project, we strive to provide equipment and services that are not only safe but also friendly to the environment.

By leveraging more than 150 years of combined management experience and industry knowledge, we have the foundation to deliver comprehensive and turnkey solutions to service every facet of the energy industry. Our strong commitment to the ongoing training and certification of our employees and equipment operators ensures that, as a company, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and safety and provide our clients with consistent, quality services from start-to-finish.

Our Values/Safety

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